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Asanas (yoga postures) are dynamic by nature.  They are pulsating, living, breathing expressions of body, mind and heart.  In addition to good alignment, finding balance in the dynamic energies within the forms is key to experiencing the wonderful benefits of asana and preventing and healing injuries.  Laura focuses on creating and maintaining equilibrium between strength and suppleness and how it relates to good alignment and form, not just in the asanas, but also in our moment-to-moment posture, and life itself.  She aims to help students learn how to listen to their bodies and find a harmonious balance that can only be understood by the unique feeling of being in one’s own unique body.  Each class is one part strengthening and one part opening. We go deep into each of these spectrums and allow our breath to be our guide. Laura encourages the exploration of one’s own body, mind and heart and how they all fit together. Dynamic Form Hatha Yoga is a description of what Laura teaches. It is non-dogmatic and the goal is for students to find a deeper sense of self-awareness, balance, harmony, strength, suppleness, ease, peace, and freedom from pain.  The philosophy is centered on learning how to create and maintain a “Good Life!

Laura Christensen is a passionate, inspiring, highly skilled national and international yoga teacher.  She is dedicated to uplifting and empowering her students and cultivating a safe place for deep and real connection within and without.  Expect to be profoundly transformed on and off the mat as she skillfully and supportively challenges you and evokes the best version of yourself. Her powerful presence, authentic voice and focus on integrity motivate students to discover new depths within their hearts and new heights in their asana (posture) practices. Her focus includes great attention to the breath, core work, balanced energy, intelligent alignment and practical life-supporting inspiration. Laura’s keen knowledge and crystal clear instruction will keep you safe physically and often helps students heal injuries.


Many consider Laura the go-to teacher in Marin and the Bay Area for students who really want to learn about their bodies in a safe and powerful way, or want to heal injuries. She has a thriving private yoga practice and finds that this is the most powerful way to help students.


In her weekly public classes, she has a weekly focus on specific areas of the body and “Good Life” themes. Each class is intelligently sequenced to progressively cultivate strength where needed while simultaneously opening the stuck areas. Regular attendees learn a great deal and gain an overall balanced curriculum over time. Many have healed old injuries.


Laura is also well known for orchestrating life-changing yoga retreats in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Her playful spirit and silly sense of humor are a common theme at all of her events and seem to attract the most amazing and fun people. Retreat students reveal that the surprise bonus has been the connection to many great new friends and building bonds that will last a lifetime. If you join her on retreat, be prepared for plenty of laughter and a ton of fun!




Laura has been a dedicated student of yoga since 1990 and has enjoyed 29 plus years of study under many senior teachers in many different yoga styles. She is honored to be the November 2012 Yoga Journal cover model and featured teacher, and to be featured in several Yoga Journal issues and online videos over the last 10 years.  Laura was Certified in Anusara Yoga for 7 years, served on the Certification Committee for 5 years, and has mentored many teachers on their way to Certification.  She has since moved beyond the system and broadened her focus to include great attention to the breath, core work and non-dogmatic alignment. She is enthusiastically committed to broadening her studies and her breadth of offerings as a teacher. She thrives as a student and values the opportunities to learn experientially from her phenomenal students and the many extraordinary teachers in the yoga community.  She enjoys learning from the many different systems of yoga and other modalities. Laura graduated Summa Cum Laude from Santa Clara University with a B.S. in Psychology. Before teaching yoga full-time, she worked in the corporate world at Robertson Stephens and Charles Schwab.

About Laura Christensen and Dynamic Form Hatha Yoga.

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